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Our Services

At K&T we provide a wide array of services that can appeal to any type of customer in any season.  From your basic residential and commercial lawn care, to full design and installation K&T does everything in-between and more!  If you don't find a service here on our site, that doesn't mean that it is not in our scope. Give us a call to find out!


Design & Install

Our most common service provided outside of our regular lawn care is landscape design and installation.  Did you just purchase a new home? Is your landscaping outdated? Is your lawn beyond repair and needs replacing?  We can design and install the landscape solution of your dreams!  Give us a call to schedule a free quote today.


Lawn Care

Every home or business with grass needs to have it cut!  As our original focus of business, our lawn care team takes care of this job for hundreds of customers.  We hope you will be our next!  Give us a call to get added to our regular weekly and bi-weekly lawn care schedules.


Hardscaping & Brick Pavers

Being in Michigan, brick pavers are a common paving solution for homes and businesses to use to combat our aggressive frost/thaw conditions. We offer design build solutions for paver patios, walls, boxes and retention areas. Using pavers can be seen as an advantage because movements happen over small areas that can be repaired as opposed to an entire slab or section cracking and breaking.


Grounds Maintenance

Keeping a lawn cut and green is only half of the job!  Shrub beds need weeding and mulch, trimming, edging & nutrients and they need it regularly!  Along with maintenance comes spring and fall cleanups!  If it falls into the landscape maintenance category, we do it. Give us a call to schedule a quote for your next service.

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